Improved employee performance & engagement by implementing our
HR Operations chatbot

Take the burden of repetitive tasks off the shoulders of the HR Department
Improve the internal communication of the company
Decrease the margin of human error
Ensure the smooth flow of top-down information
HR Operations
Our chatbot automates repetitive tasks related to HR operative processes. Since it is available on the various messaging apps regardless of the device, it can serve as an alternative communication channel, even for those without a company email address.

The chatbot provides employees with information on all relevant topics.

The contents of the chatbot is managed on a customized dashboard. There are different levels of permission for administrators of the dashboard.

The chatbot delivers information in the following structure.

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We automate up to 50% of your recruitment activity during the Candidate selection process.

Knowledge Chatbot

We support knowledge transfer within your organization.

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Investment information

The main parameters of risk capital:

Beneficiary name: ChatBoss Kft.

Project name: Development of innovative recruitment technology.

Amount of risk capital investment contracted: 40.000.000 HUF

EU support within the risk capital investment: 70%.