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Our services

We create both ready to use and customized chatbot solutions that can communicate with other HR systems

AI Driven Candidate Search Chatbot

helps you to …

  • Contact and Engage Candidates

    24/7 communication with candidates

  • Build Your Applicant Database

    Via Interfaces / GDPR compliance​

  • Schedule Interviews

    Calendar integration​

  • Support Management Reporting​

    Dashboard and data assessment​

  • Reengage Candidates

    Utilize existing candidate/talent pool

  • Set up Candidate Short List​

    Pre-screen based on predefined expectation​s

AI Driven HR Operations Chatbot

helps you to …

  • Improve the Efficiency of Employee Relations​

    Instant answers from predefined Q&A database​

  • Get Employee Feedback​

    standardized templates and better reporting on employee engagement​

  • Make On/Off Boarding easy​

    Support entry/exit procedures​

  • Support Trainings

    Share information via chat channels

  • Manage Documents​

    On demand & quick access to documents​

Our Knowledge Chatbot

helps you to …

  • Support Knowledge Management within your organization

    by conveying knowledge related to the daily operations of the various fields within the organization, making it available to Employees in a question and answer format.

  • Store knowledge

    by making process descriptors and policies available, serving as a knowledge Library for Employees

  • Share critical information

    by collecting and storing the exceptional and unique knowledge of colleagues who possess critical skills

  • Communicate changes

    by initiating notifications to inform Employees about changes and novelties in eg.: policies, processes

  • Measure the Efficiency of Knowledge Transfer

    by loging whether the Employees have read the information they received and by conducting short surveys.

Why strive for technological innovation

  • Candidate engagement via chat is higher than via email
  • Average open rates of chatbot messages are 80% – 90% 
  • 43% of candidates never hear back from a company after the 1st touchpoint
Our chatbots …
  • operate on social media platforms that offer you wider availability and response rates
  • automate 70%-80% of top of funnel recruiting activities
  • improve recruiter efficiency, quality and candidate engagement
  • increase candidate conversion rate
  • strengthen your Candidate Net Promoter Score (CNPS)
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Natural Language Processing based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Complex backend integration
  • GDPR compliance
  • Multi Language Support
  • On premise or Cloud based infrastructure
  • Customizable solutions for specific needs
Who we are

A Technology Company with …

  • 3 years of experience of implementing chatbots for corporate clients
A Professional Agile Team with …
  • 25 years of Global HR experience
  • 70+ years of IT and Development experience

Our references

Audi Hungária

HR support for employees

The Challenge

Our client, an automotive giant, was looking for a tool that would enable its employees to have instant access to HR related information and documents.

The Solution

The HR Support Chatbot provides useful documents and forms for our Client’s employees as well as a 7/24 assistance in a wide range of frequently asked and administrative questions.


It saves time for both the employees and the HR colleagues who, in return, can focus on more complex and rewarding tasks.

The Client wants to extend the capabilities of the chatbot by implementing it in more HR related fields  so it can take over the handling of other  internal processes.


Game of Thrones Bot

The Challenge

HBO was looking for an efficient and up-to-date channel to promote the 7th season of the Game of Thrones series in the CEE region (in 5 languages).

The Solution

We created a gamified conversational experience and a survey related to HBO GO usage. At the same time, a customer service channel was built between the brand and the users.


The chatbot reached over 40.000 users in 3 weeks.
HBO GO sign ups increased by 40%
The chatbot gathered actionable data from the users


Customer Service - “Boti”

The Challenge

E.ON had many unattended requests on its social channels, and wanted to handle all inquiries without a delay.

The Solution

We created a customer service chatbot called Boti.


By now, he answers more than 60% of the incoming requests totally automatically.
It forwards “impossible” requests to humans, updates clients about outages, accepts fault reportings, provides customer account information and location of customer service points on Google maps and immediate navigation, etc.

BIG4 advisory:

Internal FAQ for auditors

The Challenge

Our Client wanted to streamline their internal processes related to the integration and training of new employees thus saving on senior advisors’ time.

The Solution

The FAQ chatbot enabled work optimization by providing new employees with:

  • general information on the onboarding process
  • special information on the audit processes 


The FAQ chatbot contains appr. 450 Q & A pairs relating to specific audit processes – all pairs are described in a data sheet and are backed with more than 100 keywords – making it a helpful source of general information for new employees

It is always ready for some small talk and has a personality that is in line with the Client’s company culture


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    9021 Győr, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 27.