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The Challenge.

Our client – a dynamically developing HR services company in Hungary and the region – wanted to open another communication channel to reach potential candidates. They were looking for a solution that would help candidates to submit their applications for advertised jobs and to get into their database easier than ever before.

Since digitization permeates our everyday lives, our Client finds it vital to keep up with the potential employees they want to address. Candidates demand immediate feedback, which is impossible to achieve with a solely human workforce. As a significant proportion of people use the internet and social media on a daily basis, it seemed an obvious solution to reach them through a channel  (FB Messenger) that they are very likely to use on a regular basis.

The Solution

Our Recruitment chatbot, Chat Norris, the virtual assistant helps Users to find and instantly apply for open positions that suit their qualifications and area of expertise. The chatbot is integrated with the Client’s ATS so no extra time or administration is required on the part of the client’s employees. Due to the two-way integration, the hundreds of open positions the chatbot offers are always updated from the ATS, while the applications and registrations collected by the chatbot are immediately recorded in the ATS.


Since its launch, the chatbot has attracted many visitors. In the first 6 months the number of applications submitted through the chatbot exceeded 900. During the considered time period, 32% of the conversations with the chatbot resulted in a job application. 30% of applications were received outside the working hours of recruiters. 

Our Client is satisfied with the chatbot as it has not only significantly increased the number of applications without imposing further tasks on their staff, but also helps them to keep up with the latest recruiting trends.

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We automate up to 50% of your recruitment activity during the Candidate selection process.

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Investment information

The main parameters of risk capital:

Beneficiary name: ChatBoss Kft.

Project name: Development of innovative recruitment technology.

Amount of risk capital investment contracted: 40.000.000 HUF

EU support within the risk capital investment: 70%.