Recruitment chatbot


The Challenge.

Our Client – the Hungarian subsidiary of the world’s leading manufacturer of braking systems and a leading supplier of safety-critical sub-systems for rail and commercial vehicles – wanted to introduce a new communication tool to reach those who are interested in career opportunities at the company. With the help of the recruitment chatbot, Knorrbert, visitors of the Knorr-Bremse Facebook and career site can now submit their applications for numerous positions and can also schedule their interviews.

The Solution

Knorrbert is available for the visitors of both the Facebook page – on Facebook Messenger – and the website of Knorr Bremse Hungary. Besides providing useful company information on frequently asked questions, people can also apply for open positions. Once the User chooses to apply to one of the open positions, they have to fill in a questionnaire for the given position. Based on the answers the chatbot decides if the candidate meets basic criteria and if so, the chatbot schedules an interview with them. Due to the ATS integration, the applications are immediately recorded in the Client’s ATS. On the dashboard interface of the chatbot, our Client’s colleagues can set up the questionnaires for each open position and can also define scores of the predefined answers for each question. Based on these scores, the system can provide the short list of candidates for each position.


Since its launch, the chatbot has answered numerous questions of the visitors. 13% of all visitors who talked to Knorrbert have also submitted their applications to one of the 6 open positions at the company. A quarter of applications were submitted outside the working hours of recruiters.
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Investment information

The main parameters of risk capital:

Beneficiary name: ChatBoss Kft.

Project name: Development of innovative recruitment technology.

Amount of risk capital investment contracted: 40.000.000 HUF

EU support within the risk capital investment: 70%.