HR Operations chatbot




The Challenge.

Our client was looking for an easy-to-use, time-saving tool that not only makes it simple for employees to gain instant access to HR-related information and documents but also eases the burden on HR colleagues.

The Solution

Our HR Operations chatbot provides 24/7 assistance in a wide range of frequently asked and administrative questions as well as useful documents and forms for our Client’s employees.

During implementation we worked closely with the Client to identify the topics that they wanted to cover and to organize all information in a transparent menu structure to make navigation as clear and as intuitive as possible. We wanted to ensure that users have the option to both type and pick options when interacting with the chatbot. It was crucial for the success of the project that Employees love to chat with the chatbot. That is why we created a personality for the chatbot that is lovable, direct and at the same time represents the company’s values.


Panna is not only saves time for employees who – thanks to Panna’s help – do not have to visit HR offices with their (simpler) inquiries but also spares time for HR colleagues who, in return, can focus on more complex and rewarding tasks.

Since its introduction at the company, Panna has become a valued ‘colleague’ and has helped hundreds of employees with their day-to-day administrative and labour matters.

Thanks to the Dashboard interface the Client has access to various reports and analytics on the chatbot usage as well as information on user feedbacks, most popular topics and even unrecognized sentences. These insights are the source of continuous improvement and teaching of Panna. As a next step, we are working with the Client to expand the range of cases handled by Panna.

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Investment information

The main parameters of risk capital:

Beneficiary name: ChatBoss Kft.

Project name: Development of innovative recruitment technology.

Amount of risk capital investment contracted: 40.000.000 HUF

EU support within the risk capital investment: 70%.