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Gain creation in HR:
Each of our chatbots focuses on a specific HR field and relieves the relevant pain points. As former HR professionals, we understand the shortcomings of recruitment practices, so we created AI powered technology to meet our Client’s needs when it comes to process optimization or automation.
Our products help you to make the complete internal HR workflow faster and more efficient.


We automate up to 50% of your recruitment activity during the Candidate selection process.

HR Operations

Best in class HR Operations activities for your business.


We support knowledge transfer within your organization.

Competitive advantage in every step of HR lifecycle

We automate up to 50% of your recruitment activity during the Candidate selection process.
Enhance the efficiency of your internal team and improve communication processes within the company.
Support employees in their everyday operative tasks Employees can ask the chatbot questions via popular messaging platforms about certain topics they need more information about
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unlimited number of applications via chatbot
99% user satisfaction rate
thousands of applications within a few months after launching the chatbot

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Seeing the shortcomings in HR innovations, the Chatboss Team is committed to providing solutions to its customers through state of the art technology.
The future is here. Be a part of it.

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Investment information

The main parameters of risk capital:

Beneficiary name: ChatBoss Kft.

Project name: Development of innovative recruitment technology.

Amount of risk capital investment contracted: 40.000.000 HUF

EU support within the risk capital investment: 70%.